Famous Psychic Names

From the old days to now, there are lots of people who are endowed with extraordinary talents of mental perception. Some are still alive, and some have passed away. Right now, we will give you some famous Psychic names all over the world. Take a look below now!

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Famous Psychic Names

#1 – Nostradamus

Nostradamus was a talented astrologer who became well-known for his divinations such as the atomic bomb, the September 2011 terrorist assaults on the US, the death of Princess Diana or King Henry II, and so on. Besides, he had a wide knowledge about medicine and learned about mediation. With accurate predictions, his fame is popular for over centuries.

#2 – Jeane Dixon

Jean Dixon was known as the most famous astrologer and Psychics in the US thanks to her accurate predictions. It’s supposed that her mother was the most important person who encouraged of her spiritual development. In addition, you could search for her popular books such as the Phenomenal Jeane Dixon, Horoscopes for Dogs, A Gift of Prophecy, etc.

#3 – Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, and author. She created her own website to approach many people through her writings as well as establishing the Caroline Myss Education Institute to help those who want to improve their spiritual ability. That’s why she’s respected and regarded all over the world.

#4 – Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was known as the famous Sunday school teacher and enthusiastic reader of Bible. His readings included more than 10,000 topics such as physical well-being, past lives, and Akashic records. Although he passed away in 1945, he is supposed as the most popular Psychics in the world.

#5 – John Edward

One of the most famous Psychic mediums is John Edward. He’s known as the well-known American author on the topic about Psychics as well as the host of a TV series. He started discovering his profession road to become a Psychic Medium after meeting Lydia Clar. Today, he’s known as the most acknowledged psychic medium in the US.

#6 – Terry and Linda Jamison, the Psychic Twins

Both Terry and Linda Jamison are supposed as the best known Psychic names because they forecasted 9/11 terrorist assaults on the US accurately. They published and wrote lots of famous books as Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition, The Story of the Psychic Twins, etc., carried out dozens of public predictions and media interviews, and so on.

#7 – Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is a world notable Psychic and spiritual teacher. One of her most famous books is Diary of Psychic which tells about her story and the way she develops her psychic abilities. All her readings often mention a nature of soul. She always makes her customers to comprehend their true soul before starting everything.

#8 – Doreen Virtue

Lots of people reckon that Doreen Virtue is an “Angel Lady” because of her naturally gifted clairvoyant. She wrote more than 50 spiritual and angel books as well as designing a beautiful oracle card deck. Besides, she appeared on lots of TV programs and a respected spiritual teacher.

#9 – Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts was a special woman who became the last catalyst for the New Age Movement. She started entering her trance and channeling an entity in 1963. After that, she published some best-known books relied on her channeled sessions such as The “Unknown” Reality, The Coming of Seth, etc.

#10 – Colette Baron Reid

Colette Baron Reid is quite famous because she can perform lots of things as a counselor, author, and phenomenal speaker. Furthermore, she’s a great spiritual teacher and appearing on many famous TV programs.

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