The Best Psychic Reader In The World

The following people listed below are the best Psychic reader in the world. All of them are endowed with amazing abilities. Ensure to read this post carefully to know how each Psychic Medium concentrates on their capacity. Time to check out the world’s top 10 Psychic Mediums!

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The Best Psychic Reader In The World

#1 – John Edward

John Edward is now the most famous psychic reader (psychic medium) in the world. He appears in many popular performances, publishes some books, celebrates tours, and becomes as a host in a TV series. In addition, he’s recognized as a best-known teacher and author with the mainstream media.

#2 – Lisa Williams

With a TV show Life Among the Dead and Voices from the Other Side, Lisa Williams has become famous and be the most acknowledged Psychic Medium on the world stage. Lisa has also hosted a weekly radio show, published some books, and held some international tours.

#3 – Terry and Linda Jamison

Terry and Linda Jamison are well-know psychic twins in the US. They have acquired increased recognition in recent years because of their accurate predictions. They predicted 9/11 terrorist assaults on the World Trade Center in 2000. Besides, they published some famous documented prophecy on the Art Bell Radio Show.

#4 – Michelle Whitedove

Be the first winner of the first season of America’s Psychic Challenge, Michelle Whitedove is known as a talented clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient who can work and sympathize with the Spirits. She is quite famous as a television and radio guest and has published some books. Also, she works as a health intuitive and channel.

#5 – Theresa Caputo

Thanks to the popular TV series Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo has obtained acknowledgment for her work. Similar to other psychic mediums, she also started her work to private customers as well as created her own business.

#6 – Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan is described as a typical woman with a wonderful talent. Furthermore, she’s famous for her nationwide theater tours throughout the UK and some successful TV programs. To be tested by Professor Gary Schwartz in 2005, she was ranked as the top 5 Psychics in the world.

#7 – John Holland

John Holland graduated from the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Mediums in the United Kingdom and became famous as a host of the TV show Psychic History. Especially, he often introduces his psychic growth trainings and publishes books for those who want to use their psychic abilities.

#8 – Anthon St Maarten

To be known as the rising star of Africa, Anthon St Maarten is the sole African Psychic medium which is listed on Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory. Nowadays, he’s quite famous in the US and Europe as well as gaining international recognition like blogger, radio show host, author, and inspirational speaker.

#9 – Hayal Alekperov

Haval Alekperov is a well-known Psychic reader in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. He acquired lots of notable prizes as the winner of the 10th anniversary season of the TV show “Battle of the Psychics”, the winner of the International Psychic Challenge of the same show. That’s why he’s called as the winning “titan” in the Psychic world.

#10 – Charmaine Wilson

Charmaine Wilson has become from the first season of the Channel 7 reality TV show The One in Australia as a winner. After that, she has also been named Australian Psychic and Queensland Psychic of the Year 2005 and 2008. She often opens tours with her famous show Spirit Whispers throughout Australia and also provides spiritual retreats and workshop.

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